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I'm sorry, but not a shambles!

Nice to see a topic animation, and I love your sense of humour. I also love his pizza slice as a hat.

dot dot dot

the voices where pretty good but thats it!

Real nice work though. This deserves to go viral.


Easily my favourite madness flash this year. The ending completely made it for me, convincing me madness flashes don't just have to be mindless violence - although who doesn't love a bit of that?

The animation could have been a bit smoother, but besides that? Perfection.

Stay alive.

Pegosho responds:

Thanks Lazyfeet! :D

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This changed me forever.

Keeping the genre of point and click alive. Props to you guys.

Very nice job on art and coding. I feel the undying urge to watch the film now :)

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The controls are just too difficult to use. Otherwise, nice idea.


Cute yet stunning drawings and a really addictive gameplay.

Also ShyGuy, Waterlollies and Paladin got higher =')

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Thinking about it...

You should have tried remaking this only using scissors in your hands.

But I likes it anyway.

Well played sir.

Very well played indeed.

Burn7 responds:

Why thank you, esteemed associate. Unfortunately I'm all out of chamomile, so you may have to settle for Roast Ass Stew.


Dibs on having this one to animate! :D

WrenchMonk responds:

While I think that an audio submission can be done more than once, I would love for you to Do a flash on this! IF you need me to, I can supply a picture of The titular character, and if you don't want to see my phail art skills, I can just describe him in a PM.

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Ha, not bad at all.

One of the funnier comics I've seen. I like the style too. I'll make sure to check the rest of your stuff out.

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You just keep delivering!

I love your plushies! You clearly have a real talent for sewing and arts and crafts.

I still don't think I'd feel comfortable sleeping next to this guy though!

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Mind blown.

I love your art pieces so much lenko. The style and effort combined is enough to make me swoon. I suppose the only thing I would have liked to see is the characters arranged into a composition of sorts, or maybe some sort of interaction.

Besides that, the colouring is magnificent, the perception of each character is beautiful. I love it.

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lenkalamari responds:

these designs got a pretty good reception so later in the year i might do some sorta big group shot, its gonna be a while till i can really do art based on other peoples' works for a while though

i'm left handed.

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